Aged Care and Covid Outbreaks

The COVID-19 pandemic has placed enormous pressure on the aged care sector here in Australia and across the world.

As revealed by the Newmarch House outbreak in NSW, the effects of an uncontrolled COVID-19 outbreak in a residential aged care setting can only be described as catastrophic for the residents, employees, and management. COVID-19 is extremely difficult to suppress and eradicate once embedded in the resident population.

Organisations need to be continually reviewing and assessing their capacity to respond to a potential COVID-19 outbreak. It is crucial that providers have a clear and relevant management plan in place, inclusive of robust processes on how to respond to a suspected outbreak through to workforce management issues.

TMF Solutions has the expertise to support your organisation in preparing and applying strategies to boost your services ability to respond to a possible outbreak. Scenario Planning is one process TMF Solutions applies to formulating a series of hypothetical situations, and then systematically simulating what actions could be implemented in response to best mitigate the risk.

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