Non-Compliance and Sanction

Non-compliance is fundamentally the result of core systemic problems. TMF Solutions partners with your team to conduct a rigid operational analysis of your systems. Examining all contributing details. This process lays the foundation for remediation. Providers can expect not only improvement across the non-compliance aspects of the service but also an overall strengthening of other business components as well.

Performance Auditing

Frequent unannounced audits conducted by the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission have resulted in non-compliance notices for providers large and small.
Is your organisation ready?

A performance audit is an onsite assessment of the quality of care and services provided to aged care consumers. It measures the performance of the approved provider against all requirements of the Aged Care Quality Standards. In today’s ever-changing environment of aged care responsibility, it has never been more important to establish a partnership with TMF Solutions.

TMF Solutions deploys a comprehensive assessment process to establish your services current performance as it pertains to the Aged Care Quality Standards. Situational awareness is key in the correction of non-performing systems. TMF Solutions processes will identify your risks, inform your operational planning, and provide your service the insights that are necessary to drive robust compliance. Our gap analysis is comprehensive, information rich and accurate.

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TMF Solutions - Operational and Governance Intelligence System

“TMF Solutions proven system reduces serious and recurrent risks”

Taras French
Executive Director and Principal Advisor
TMF Solutions – Shaping Aged Care

The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission defines clinical governance as: “an integrated set of leadership behaviours, policies, procedures, responsibilities, relationships, planning, monitoring and improvement mechanisms that are implemented to support safe, quality clinical care and good clinical outcomes for each consumer.”

TMF Solutions has developed a governance and operational system for providers that delivers exactly that!

The system centralises the management of operational and clinical governance activities. Essentially streamlining day to day leadership priorities.

The system was successfully deployed in an organisation across several sites and greatly outperformed expectations. Benefits included enhanced leadership capacity, simplification of operational complexities, clarity in day-to-day operations, reduced risk, and improved communication amongst the individual site leadership teams. 

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TMF Solutions Advisory

Advance your service and compliance today through partnership with TMF Solutions Advisory service.

Given the current state of play within the sector many providers have found themselves with either budgetary and/or staffing constraints. TMF Solutions has the solution to support your service, wherever you may be located. We will support, mentor, and advise your key staff to meet your organisations obligations as required under the Aged Care Safety and Quality Standards.

TMF Solutions will expediate your services development and continuous improvement in the following key functional business areas:


  • Executive coaching
  • Workforce capability review
  • Workforce development
  • Change management
  • Team building


  • Strategic planning
  • Market and demographic analysis
  • Policy and regulatory advice
  • Business unit review
  • Performance management framework
  • Social media strategy
  • Consumer engagement strategy development


  • Operational analysis
  • Clinical governance
  • Benchmarking
  • Cost reduction
  • Process improvement
  • Consumer engagement
  • Consumer directed care
  • Workforce planning
  • Service delivery model development
  • Quality analysis


  • Risk management
  • Policy and regulatory compliance
  • Environmental sustainability


  • Technology implications of reforms impacting the sector
  • Selection of new tech applications to maximise benefits from service upgrades


TMF Solutions services all provider models within the aged care sector. We work with you diligently to meet all your needs. Partner with the leader in aged care service advancement.

Building Relationships

“We always found completing the operational reports, your feedback and particularly the site visits extremely rewarding and huge learning experiences.”

Kelli Ramm
Executive Officer and Director of Nursing
Renmark Paringa District Hospital
SA Health Government of South Australia


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