TMF Solutions Complaints Management Framework

Standard 6 Feedback and Complaints of the Australian Government Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission Quality Standards, requires all organisations to act promptly in response to all complaints. This requirement seems simple and obvious; however, many organisations have difficulty in demonstrating effective complaint management processes that are sufficient to withstand assessment against the required standards.

TMF Solutions approach to effective complaints management is to follow six steps:

  • Acknowledge all complaints as opportunities for improvement.
  • Evaluate and investigate the complaint promptly and start to think about possible pathways to resolution.
  • Communicate with all people who should be consulted about the concerns such as a care recipient’s legal representative. Provide a clear plan of action.
  • Act!
  • Follow up on the outcome. Has the concern been resolved?
  • Reflect on this event with the team and consider if there are any systemic issues. Identify these opportunities and decide if retraining is necessary (begin the process again).

This is a simplistic snapshot of the processes undertaken by TMF Solutions. For a detailed consultation and demonstration of how TMF Solutions can implement our strategies and improve on your services complaints management systems contact Taras French at [email protected] or call 0488 333 812.


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