TMF Solutions Learning Organisational Culture Framework

Provider governance and management directly impact upon service delivery. The Royal Commission into Aged Care found deficiencies in leadership and governance. These deficiencies resulted in significant shortfalls in quality and safety.

Senior leadership attitudes, behaviours and skill levels have a direct influence on workplace culture and quality of care. Poor leadership in senior positions not only limits outputs achieved but directly stifles innovation.

Some potential signs include:

  • Serious issues in performance and service delivery.
  • Non-compliance of Aged Care Quality Standards.
  • High turnover of workforce including management.
  • Dissatisfaction amongst employees.

Evidence continues to link quality with organisational culture. The stronger the culture the better the quality outputs.

What is organisational culture?

Organisational culture represents shared ways of thinking, behaving, and values. Healthcare organisations can be viewed as comprising of multiple subcultures, especially in the case of several sites. These subcultures can be driving forces for change or may undermine quality improvement initiatives.

How do you change culture?

TMF Solutions has developed a Learning Organisational Culture framework.

The framework outlines four key steps:

  1. (Connect) Executive identify the need to improve and embrace a learning culture methodology.
  2. (Power) Through extensive consultation and analysis a plan to transform is constructed.
  3. (Ignite) Innovation or “Ideas Champions” are appointed to a newly formed leadership group.
  4. (Shine) Processes established to support a learning from experience environment.

If your service has identified a need to change the present organisational culture or you would like to obtain a professional review of your present culture climate, then contact Taras French from TMF Solutions your trusted advisor.


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